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Current project(s): Silver Silverations, Episode 11 - Crescendo
All of my cartoons can be located on my Youtube channel. Some may also be on my Newgrounds account.
Everyone has permission to do whatever the heck they want with my characters. I'd appreciate not claiming that they're yours, though.
Here are some character bios for those obsessed with the canon:

Name: Ray
Species: Human
Age: 19
Job: Leader of the Sector G defense force
Likes: Being right, robots, weapons of mass destruction, big robots, video games, the Hen Show.
Dislikes: Idiots, Villainguy, breaking the fourth wall, going outside, disobedience.
First Appearance: Short - The Spoon
He is the leader of the Sector G Defense force despite having no qualifications whatsoever.
(He won his position in a hot dog eating contest).
He is organized, confident, and a natural leader (or maybe just a bossy know-it-all.)
He tends to lose focus and is not as brave as he thinks he is. His pride often gets in the way of his reason.

Name: Dilan
Species: Human?
Age: ???
Job: ???
Likes: Flamethrowers, burning things, heavy metal, My Little Cow: Friendship is Milk, video games, the Hen Show, Ray.
Dislikes: Authority, wicked spirits, the Ween of Hallow, Narcissist Man, feeling trapped.
First Appearance: Short - The Sitcom
Ray's, uh, companion, or something. Nobody really knows much about him or his habits.
He seems to not know a whole lot about how human society works.
He is usually laid back and a bit lazy. He feels a deep loyalty to his friends.
His head is often in the clouds. He is a bit short on empathy. He tackles things in the most straightforward manner possible.
(This usually means punching or burning them.) He feels reluctant to hurt Madame Hidoshu. She seems
familiar to him.

Name: Rastera
Species: Human
Age: 22
Job: Novelist, member of the Sector G Defense Force
Likes: Reading, science, messing with people, adventure, medieval weaponry, Segan.
Dislikes: Bird Man, the Hen Show.
First Appearance: Episode - Bacon
She's the most 'normal' person of the defense force, but is unable to speak
due to lack of a voice actor. She is eager for adventure. She's rather intelligent.
(However, in the heat of the moment, she tends to rely more on instinct. This can get her into trouble.)
She tends to give up easily. She can be very impatient towards others. She's not very disciplined, either.
She is an avid admirer of Segan, a folk hero who saved the world from aliens during the second Dark Age.

Name: Bird Man
Species: Robot
Serial Number: RN-02
Original Directive: Deliver mail
Likes: Robots, destroying things, playing Devil's advocate, cooking, Narcissist Man.
Dislikes: Humans, being oppressed, slavery.
Fist Appearance: Episode - Bird Man
Not to be confused with the superhero, Bird Man is a robot created by Ray in episode 2.
He was reprogrammed to do whatever Ray tells him to, which Bird Man resents vigorously.
When he isn't being kidnapped for his technology, he's rambling about how worthless humans are.
He is analytical and quick minded, as you might expect. He appreciates fine art when he sees it. He's not afraid to tell the truth.
He complains and gripes about everything. He wants everything to be perfect and efficient.

Name: Villainguy
Species: Human
Age: 46
Job: Being evil
Likes: Being evil, giant robots, over-engineering, breaking the fourth wall, Bird Man, the Hen Show, philosophy.
Dislikes: Ray, Dilan, Rastera, Tyson, the government, unfairness, barbaric behavior.
First Appearance: Episode - Bird Man
The uncreatively named main antagonist, Villainguy is exactly what it says on the tin.
His motivations are unknown, but there are rumors that he wants to overthrow
the government because he feels that it's corrupt. However, there have also been
rumors that he's secretly an ambidextrous satanist clown tentacle monster. The world will never know.
His father, Dr. Evilbad, was once captain of the Defense Force before he mysteriously disappeared one day.
Villainguy is confident and very intelligent. He is formal and sophisticated. He always keeps his promises.
He likes to deviate from the norm for the sake of humor. He also likes to scare people.
His emotions are weak. He lacks empathy, especially for those who have wronged him.
The only thing that really motivates him is revenge.

Name: Madame Hidoshu
Species: Human?
Age: ???
Job: Stage performer
Likes: Chainsaws, murder, human souls, singing, shipping, being flashy, skeletons.
Dislikes: Authority, non-human souls, running away, her own voice, pumpkins.
First Appearance: Episode - Skeletons
She is a strange singer who can teleport and raise the dead. Her weapon of choice is the chainsaw.
Her greatest dream is to be the most famous and coveted performer to ever exist.
She likes to kill things for fun. She is cheerful and care-free. She tends to do whatever she feels like without planning ahead.
When she hates, she hates intensily. It's almost as if there's a mysterious outside force feeding her all of this hatred.
She will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
She is reluctant to hurt Dilan because she fears his power. He also seems very familiar to her.

Name: Brother Bob, Brother Ron, and Brother Joe (from left to right)
Species: Human
Job: Maintainers of the Bacon Related Mart
Ages: 36, 19, 24 (from left to right)
Likes: Bacon, Baconism, cool shades, transformations, anime.
Dislikes: Heretics, blasphemers, Ray, Dilan, Rastera, especially Rastera, Tyson, failing.
First Appearance: Episode - Bacon
This group of store clerks are secretly forming a cult centered around bacon and its consumption.
They will go to whatever lengths possible to appease their Bacon God with sacrafices.
However, their clumsiness, bravado, and general incompetance lead to them being mostly unsuccessful.
They have great ambition for their cult, and great devotion to their god, and will not give up nor back
down from a fight. Brother Bob, their leader, can transform into Anticlimactic Alien Man, and also
become a Super Sailor. However, these transformations tend to take a long time, and don't really
do a whole load of good for Brother Bob.

Name: The President (Xerox Grenaldo Hound)
Species: Anthromorph
Job: President of Sector G
Age: 68
Likes: Food, social gatherings, politics, philosophy, tea, brushing his moustache.
Dislikes: Laziness, making a mess, disobedience, coffee, war, being short.
First Appearance: Episode - Potatoes
He is the 56th president of Sector G, though "the president" really doesn't mean anything these days.
He is a descendant of the anthromorphs, a race of humans who were genetically modified with animal DNA to serve
as the ultimate warrior race during the second Dark Age. He used to be the leader of the Defense Force before setting
his sights on politics.
He tries his hardest to be a kind and just ruler.
He has great empathy for all living things.
However, he is very critical of people, though he's learned to relax a little since his golden years.
He can sometimes be stubborn and close-minded.

Name: Tyson
Species: Human
Age: 21
Job: Janitor at Acumen Robotics
Likes: The ladies, messing with people, Ray, Rastera, football, the Hen Show.
Dislikes: "The man", Bird Man, My Little Cows: Friendship is Milk, the Illuminati.
First Appearance: Short - Normal/Work Day
While Tyson is not usually in the action, he sometimes helps out the defence force in their activites.
He's a wannabe casanova, and tends to spend most of his time partying.
He also has an uncanny obsession with the Illuminati.

Name: Narcissist Man
Species: Robot
Serial Number: BBN-01
Original Directive: Spread the BonziBUDDY virus and murder those who oppose him.
Likes: Himself, killing things, himself again, mirrors, explosives, Bird Man.
Dislikes: Humans, and basically everything else.
First Appearance: Episode - Virus
Narcissist Man was originally designed by BonziBUDDY to spread his virus to robots
throughout Sector G. After Bonzi's defeat, however, he focused himself inward, and
concluded that he was the greatest robot alive. He is the definition of confidence and
narcissism, as you'd expect. He later found new purpose on The First Moon, where he
gaurded one of the four Golden Plot Devices of Chaos before it was stolen.

Name: Crescendo
Species: Human
Age: 20
Job: ???
Likes: Weapons, magic, heroic deeds, museums, ancient artifacts.
Dislikes: Vandals, crowds, yo mama jokes.
First Appearance: Not yet.
Wait a minute...Who's this guy again?