Welcome to the lair of the Tophat Demon! There are video games here. Anyone is allowed to make videos of them without my permission.

[LD37]The Crystals of Gingledoof 12/11/16 Windows C++ Download Ludum Dare Page
Mors Arcium 7/10/16 Windows C# Download Android Version
[LD34]Feta Feles 12/17/15 Flash AS3 Play SWF Ludum Dare Page
Total Invasion II 7/29/15 Windows BlitzMax Download
Thomas Was Pretty Pissed Off 4/14/15 Windows GameMaker:Studio Download
Super Neckbeard 3/28/15 Flash AS3 Play SWF
Pixel Clause's Revenge 12/27/14 Windows NaaLaa 6 Download
[LD31]The Neverending Boss Battle of Doom 12/8/14 Windows NaaLaa 6 Download Ludum Dare Page
[7DFPS]Total Invasion 11/13/14 Windows NaaLaa 6 Download
[LD30]Extreme Interdimensional Crate Pushing 8/24/14 Flash AS3 Play SWF Ludum Dare Page
Birden 6/14/14 Flash AS3 Play SWF
[LD29]Escaping of the Cave 4/28/14 Flash AS3 Play SWF Ludum Dare Page
Anville 3/31/14 Windows C# Download
[7DFPS]The Invasion 8/12/13 Windows GameMaker 8.1 Download 7DFPS Page
[LD28]Yogosaw 12/16/13 Windows C# Download Ludum Dare Page
[MiniLD46]Cannon Shark 11/3/13 Windows Javascript(DXStudio) Download Ludum Dare Page
Rings of Combustion 6/26/13 Windows BlitzPlus Download
Outside In 6/22/13 All Desktops Java Download
Cumbersome Coins 5/19/2013 Windows Javascript(Unity3D) Download
[LD26]Trained Disaster 4/29/13 Windows C# Download
Mimes and Mines ??/??/13 Windows C# Download
Why is Everything Square? 7/4/12 All Desktops Java Download
Tornado Drill 5/15/11 Windows GameMaker 8 Download Music Source
Super Lunsford 2 7/11/11 Windows GameMaker 8 MISSING!!!
Super Lunsford ??/??/?? Windows GameMaker 8 MISSING!!!